![happy_face](https://i.ibb.co/tzwSJDk/DSC-1894.jpg) # Hello fellow human! I am currently busy delaying the revamp of this page. Till then, here's how you can judge my existence. [Twitter] / [LinkedIn] / [Github] / [Projects] / [Resume] **As of April'20**: I'm a ML Engineer at Microsoft building consumer features in Word, and more recently optimizing resource allocation (aka saving $$$) in Azure Data. Later in the day, I build projects at the intersection of music and machine learning (ask me about it). AFK, you'll find me getting very competitive in board games and discussing life, universe and beyond post-midnight. [Tweet] 👋 if you want to get in touch. <!--- I am assuming you are here because you want to know more about me, or want a quick pointer to my [resume]. Maybe you are [someone] who knows me quite well, or just some web scraper, which somehow landed here. Regardless of your purpose, I would like thank you for donating one more hit to my page views, as I [smirk] my way, behind the retina display, to feeling more *significant* than I felt yesterday. Here -- this a quick overview of what you would possibly want to know about me. <br> <br> ## tl;dr ⚡ #### Summary of my existence * [Pdf], [Linkedin] #### An expensive investment 🎓 * Information Technology & Computer Science @ [Rutgers University] * Relevant Coursework: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language, Computer Architecture, Discrete Structures, Data Structures, Systems Programming, Principles of Programming Languages, Database Management, Game Design and Development, Human Computer Interaction, Project Management #### Making the world a better place? 💼 * Software Engineering, Data Science @ [ADP] - Accelerating customer onboarding through smarter forms built on association rule mining - Transferring API documentation from upgrading design of Swagger UI * Software Engineering, Machine Learning @ [Embibe] - Chatbot augmenting customer support - Survey paper encompassing machine learning techniques for understanding short text in small corpora * Software Engineering, Machine Learning @ [MetricStream] - Unsupervised clustering of structured data to build Benchmarking tool of loss events for banks - Unsupervised clustering of text corpus: Internal tool for analyzing system threats * *Actively seeking Applied Machine Learning Full-time roles starting January 2019* #### Outcome of caffeine ☕ * [Devpost], [Github] * Some of the projects - Traffic Sign Classifier using LeNet Arhcitecture in TensorFlow - Lyrics generator using hidden markov models - Lane finding algorithm using openCV - Twitter bot for Stack Overflow Popular Posts - Chrome extension to mask facebook reactions - Discovering Philadelphia neighbourhoods using D3.js #### Some community jazz 🎭 * Director @ [RISE], Rutgers' home-brewed startup weekend * Co-founder @ [HackBaroda], Gujarat's first hackathon * Director @ [HackIndia], India's largest hackathon * Director @ [HackRU], Rutgers' premier collegiate hackathon #### Pinch of competence 💻 * Languages: Python, Java, R, C * ML: Scikit Learn, Tensorflow, Keras * Tools & Libraries: Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, OpenCV, Plotly * Databases: MySQL, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, MongoDB * Deploy: Flask, Bootstrap, jQuery, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud #### Namaste! 🙏 * [Twitter], [Email] <br> ## tiny_little_story‌‌ ‌‌ 📝 I should be writing a little story about my background, except I procrastinate a lot when it comes to writing. `Stay Tuned` <br> ## recommend‌‌ ‌‌ 💯 Here's a sporadically updated list of what I'm really glad to have recently come across in my little bubble. For a my recent musings, follow me on [Twitter]! * The first superhuman AI will just be another step on a visibly linear ladder of progress, that we started climbing long ago. [François Collet] on [The impossibility of intelligence explosion] * What Realistics Film Dialogue Sounds Like ~ [Nerdwriter's video] * The only form of ethical persuasion that exists is when the goals of the persuader are aligned with the goals of the persuadee. ~ [Tristan Harris @TED] * The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. ~ [Shane Parrish on Confirmation Bias] * The solution isn’t to ban the laptop from the lecture. It’s time to ban the lecture from the classroom. ~ [Seth Godin's article] * Everything on computers is worse than Winamp 2. ~ [Gary Bernhardt‏'s Rant] * Japan's [Slippery Stairs], *absolutely why I love the internet!* * Breaking down the hype behind [AlphaGo Zero] @ a16z podcast * Leo Polovets‏ and Nadia Eghbal‏ on the [effectiveness of cold emailing] * Your app is an onion ~ [Kannan Chandrasegaran's article] <br> ## favourites‌‌ ‌‌ 😍 These are some gems on the internet that I've learnt a lot from. They could always use more love. * [Nerdwriter] - This *youtube* channel covers a wide variety of topics from philosophy to science, and anything and everything in between. Evan Puschak, is by far the best content creator I have come across on Youtube. His keen eye towards understanding why and how a movie is the way it is, to dissecting how trump answers a question, is, for a lack of a better word, mind-blowing. And, I really wonder what is more satisfying than a coherent, unique perspective. * [The Twenty-Minute VC] - A *podcast* started by a young, passionate harry stebbings, is one of the best weekly-updated repository of all the insights you need in the venture world, right from the nerves of world's smartest venture partners. Start digging in. Now. * [Hacker Newsletter] - This simple yet extremely useful *newsletter*, parses through everything trending on Hacker News for the week, divides them into categories and drops in your inbox a nicely curated weekly mail. A good hack to avoid hacker news lurking. <br> ## ideas ‌‌ 💡 Online or offline, whenever there comes an idea that hits me well, I try to internalize it. This is a conscious attempt at documenting and sharing those concepts. > The reality is if you walk down the street and there are a thousand people in the street, I think all thousand are talking to themselves in their head at any given point. They're constantly judging everything that they see. They're playing back movies of things that happened to them yesterday. They're living in fantasy worlds of what's going to happen tomorrow. They're just pulled out of base reality. > That could be good when you're doing long-range planning. It can be good when you're solving problems. It's good for the survival and replication machines that we are. I think it's actually very bad for your happiness. In my mind, the mind should be a servant and a tool, not a master. It's not something that should be controlling me and driving me 24/7. > ~ Naval Ravikant @ [Farnam Street] <br> ## art ‌‌ 🎥 I usually capture still videos, of a minute or two, of all the places I visit. Hoping that one day, I will create a montage out of it. - [Kodaikanal], Tamil Nadu, India - [Allepey Backwaters], Kerala, India - [Vue Lounge], New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA <br> Thanks for sticking through. If you want to dwell over half baked ideas or futile philosophy, [Tweet] to me, and I swear, I will send a raven back. --> [//]: # (These are reference links used in the body of this note and get stripped out when the markdown processor does its job. There is no need to format nicely because it shouldn't be seen. 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However, I have entirely been raised in a two-tier city called Vadodara, which is mostly famous for a historic palace and a massive garden in the middle of the city. My parents, inspite of being from a rural background, are educated, and subsequently, have a large bandwidth to accepting new ideas everyday. They encourage learning in all its shape and form. And that is also the reason, why I believe I have had a very privileged life so far. From studying in one of the best schools in town, to also allowing me to pursue my bachelors, 8800 miles away from home, I salute them for their courage.]: <www.comingsoon.com>